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HPE Solid State Drives (SSDs)

Hewlett Packard Enterprise spare parts are the industry leading replacement hardware for all your IT needs and offer unrivaled quality, performance and security. At Procurri Europe we offer a wide range of HPE products including an extensive range of Solid State Drives (SSDs) that aim to improve the performance and endurance of your data intensive applications whilst minimising their power consumption.


With users and businesses creating huge amounts of new data every day, applications and servers must be able to handle greater quantities of data than ever. The demand for greater performance from solid state hard drives is only getting larger and with HPE you can be assured of superb performance with an SSD that will use less power than ever.

With Procurri Europe, businesses and individuals can enjoy genuine HPE SSDs at a competitive price, especially for those capacities that sit under 1TB.


For most enterprise environments, handling random data applications is a key factor when deciding between a Solid State Drive (SSDs) or Hard Disk Drive (HDD). Whilst also offering better read and write throughput, SSDs are designed to handle far greater I/O operations per second meaning that they are ideally suited for most high-level enterprise situations.

The, often over-provisioned, HDD achieve their performance through energy draining, rotating parts meaning they use significantly more power. The Hewlett Packard Solid State Drive range perfectly balances great performance and low-latency with unrivalled endurance and a low-power consumption to ensure your business can handle all of its big data requirements.

High performance with low-latency

The lack of moving parts in Hewlett Packard’s solid state hard drives mean that they are unaffected by the latency issues that can hamper HDDs, especially when handling transactional data meaning you can access your data faster than ever before. Not only is the data offered up more quickly, but SSDs take up significantly less space meaning enterprises can achieve greater performance from their existing data centre.

Low power consumption

Once again, the lack of moving parts seen in HPE solid state drives mean they use less energy as they require no motor which is traditionally used to power the constant repositioning of the read/write head. SSDs typically only use up to nine watts even when at maximum operating performance.

Reliable & rugged

Due to their ability to withstand far higher shock and vibrations than hard disk drives, SSDs have been designed to eliminate rotational vibration problems seen in traditional hard drives. As well as physically being better equipped, all HPE SSDs come with Hewlett Packard’s ‘Digital Signed Firmware’ which will prevent your data being accessed by unauthorised sources ensuring protection from malicious attacks.

Protecting your investment

No business wants to be told they are required to replace all aspects of their server infrastructure to achieve better performance. With HPE SSDs you can rest assured as their installation requires no modification of your existing firmware or hardware. They can also be used alongside your existing HDDs – when mixed – to achieve maximum effectiveness of both technologies.

Procurri is an authorised Hewlett Packard Enterprise Replacement Parts Business Partner and can supply spare parts for HP Enterprise products including; rack servers, tower servers, integrated servers and blade servers, storage and networking products.

  • Genuine new EMEA product
  • One-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Shipped with the latest firmware
  • No business risk from parallel imports


To validate your HPE Solid State Drive, download the HPE Validate Mobile app from either the Apple App or Google Play Stores. The app will allow you to scan the barcode on the HPE Solid State Drives label for easy validation. Please visit the official HPE Spare Parts Validation page for more information.